While laundry isn’t generally a favorite chore for most people, having quality products to help along the way makes the process a little more enjoyable. Casafield’s aim is to make home life as easy, streamlined and beautiful as possible - even when it comes to laundry. Our organic wool dryer balls are cute and fluffy on their own and basically do the same thing to your clothes without the need for extra chemicals used in standard dryer sheets. Our extensive line of specialty hangers is sure to meet all your clothing needs from suits and pants to children’s clothing and everything in between. So rather than dread laundry day, sit back and relax knowing that Casafield is there to assist.

    50 Velvet 11" Baby Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 50 Velvet Flocked 11" Baby Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your baby's closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving hangers...

    20 Wooden Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 20 Wooden Suit Hangers Maximize your closet space: Completely transform your closet into an organized and beautiful space with these wooden suit hangers from Casafield. Our hangers...

    6-Pack Organic Wool Dryer Balls - Natural Laundry Fabric Softener


    Product Features: Set includes: (6) Organic Wool Dryer Balls with Convenient Storage Bag All natural, no dyes or chemicals: Casafield dryer balls are handmade from 100% pure New Zealand wool....

    6-Pack Wide Shoulder Wooden Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 6 Wide Shoulder Wooden Suit Hangers Wide shoulder design: Transform your closet into an organized and beautiful space with these wooden suit hangers from Casafield. These...

    50 Velvet 14" Kid's Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 50 Velvet Flocked 14" Kids Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your kid's closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim,...

    20 Open-Ended Pants Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 20 Open Ended Pants Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving, non-slip pant hangers from...

    24" x 36" Mesh Drawstring Laundry Bag


    Product Features: Breathable mesh: Eliminate moisture and unpleasant odors with the breathable mesh design. Polyester mesh fabric allows for air to circulate, keeping your clothing fresh until laundry day. Durable, sturdy construction: Heavy-duty polyester mesh with reinforced sewn edges allows...

    10 Wooden Hangers with Nonslip Clips by Casafield


    Product Features:Give your closet an instant makeover and organize the closet of your dreams with these space-saving wooden pants hangers from Casafield. Never again will you have to deal with...

    10 Velvet Non-Slip Hangers with Adjustable Metal Clips by Casafield


    Product Features: Set includes: 10 Velvet Flocked Pant Hangers with Clips Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving,...

    3 Pack of 4-Tier Skirt/Pants Hangers with Adjustable Non-Slip Clips


    Product Features: Set includes: (3) 4-Tier Metal Hangers with Clips Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the 4-tier design of these slim, space-saving, hangers...

    100 Velvet Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 100 Velvet Flocked Suit Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving, suit hangers from Casafield. Lightweight, sturdy design: Durable...

    50 Velvet Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 50 Velvet Flocked Suit Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving, suit hangers from Casafield. Lightweight, sturdy design: Durable...

    Long Live the Laundry Organization!

    There is something magical about clothes. They establish our first impressions; they enable us to speak in ways that words cannot be fully express; they are a form of our identity. We acknowledge this in the effort we put into our clothes by treating them with love, and why not? They are an investment that takes time and money; they are a part of who we are. We lament the damage that over-washing does to them. We take care to avoid staining or ripping holes into them. We protect them from that stray red sock that tries to poison them in the wash. We guard them against the heat of a dryer, opting to air dry instead. We cover them from the rain to keep them from shrinking. Our wardrobe is essential to us, and it needs our care and protection.


    However, despite your best efforts, there is a hidden enemy to your special items, a monster in the closet that undermines your efforts when you’re not looking. It tosses your precious clothes to the ground, wrinkling them, covering them in pet hair, and then laughing at you when you must rewash them. It creases your clothes in unseemly ways, pulling on them, snagging the fabric, forcing you to take a hot iron to your precious garments in a futile effort to press it out.


    With Casafield, all of this can be avoided by paying attention to one essential but easily overlooked item - hangers.


    Few people realize the necessity of quality hangers for your clothing's longevity, not to mention the impact they have on your closet's aesthetics. With the right products, you won't have to deal with discoloration, wrinkles, sags, pulls, stretches, or clothing slippage any longer.


    No More Wire (or Plastic) Hangers!

    Remember that there is a reason why the dry cleaner’s give them out for free. They can easily sag, snag, snap, and break due to their fragility - causing all kinds of havoc on your clothes. They are the ultimate culprit for those wide shoulders on your favorite new blouse, forcing you to pay yet another visit to the dry cleaners, where the cycle just continues. Over time, they can irreversibly damage your garments by distorting their colors and misshaping them. Besides how impractical they are, they are also unappealing, creating a cheap and disorderly look in your home.


    You and your wardrobe deserve so much more!


    The Benefit of Quality



    Quality hangers will maintain your clothing's shape, style, and integrity by distributing the garment's weight evenly while safely securing them from slipping.



    They will not sag or buckle over time and can support the weight of heavier clothes such as jackets and coats for years to come.



    By having all your clothes aligned at the same uniformed height, quality hangers provide a streamlined and organized look, where you can quickly locate your garments.



    Well-displayed clothes create an elegant and classy aesthetic, providing a clean and tidy home for your wardrobe.


    Thankfully, we sell a vast array of hangers that will fit all your clothing needs so you can enjoy your garments year after year while alleviating the chore of additional laundry. You can now say goodbye to clothing slippage and misshapen shoulders with Casafield's hangers, guaranteed to properly support and store your garments. So, the next time you wear pagoda shoulders, you can be confident it will be a conscious choice made by you and not your hanger.


    A Brand You Can Rely On

    Here at Casafield, we believe that fashionable practicality can be achieved, and we have proved it time and time again. Our beautiful products are designed for nearly every room in your home with a keen eye for quality and durability while remaining incredibly affordable. Who says only the wealthy can have their cake and eat it too?


    The Anatomy of Quality

    As we know all too well, not all products are created equal. What separates Casafield's hangers from other brands is our attention to detail. All our hangers have carefully carved notches to correctly support camisoles and other unique items, as well as contoured shoulders to prevent any pulling or sagging. Each hanger is crafted with an anti-rust hook and a balled end to avoid discoloration and accidental pulls, snags, or scratches. Another excellent feature is the hook's 360-degree swivel, so you don't have to get frustrated trying to figure out the orientation when hanging in a hurry.


    Velvet Hangers

    It is easy to see why velvet is becoming one of the most sought-after and popular materials for hangers. Velvet hangers are superb for shirts, t-shirts, blouses, pants, coats, and dresses. They're compact, lightweight, and will delicately and securely hold all of your clothing. Best of all, they're incredibly affordable.


    Thin, But Far from Flimsy

    These hangers are a tremendous space saver, saving up to 50% more space, so you don't have to squeeze and cram in that new summer dress. However, don't be fooled by the thinness of their profile; this mighty product can hold up to 10 pounds, making them a robust and versatile necessity.


    Delicate Yet Secure

    You do not have to worry about finding your delicate, strappy, and silky clothing on the floor of your closet anymore. The soft velvet flocking prevents slippage by doing what hangers are meant to do; keep your clothes in place. The velvet flocked horizontal crossbar is perfect for securing your pants and skirts without damaging the material.


    Protect your Children's Clothes

    We can't forget the kiddos! These great hangers also come in 11" infant sizes and 14" children sizes. They have a variety of colors such as grey, ivory, teal, royal blue, light blue, purple, lime green, and pink to suit any taste and style. Their affordability also provides opportunity to change out the hangers as your kid’s favorite color changes with time.


    Wooden Hangers

    Ever notice how stately and bespoke clothing stores are? Have you seen what they used to hang their clothing? Naturally elegant, wood hangers elevate any closet instantly with class and style. With Casafield, your wardrobe will look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.


    Naturally Gorgeous and Strong

    Crafted with care and love from Lotus wood, you can be assured that your clothes are supported by a durable, sturdy, and long-lasting (albeit lightweight) material. With finish options such as rich Walnut, regal Cherry, and the understated Natural, you are bound to fall in love with the right style for you.


    Brawns and Brains

    Unlike other wooden hangers, Casafield's hangers are designed to be space-saving. As a bonus, they are equipped with a reinforced horizontal bar to conveniently store pants, jeans, and skirts.


    For Those Clothes that Need A Little Extra Support

    Casafield also makes wide shoulder wooden hangers ideal for providing extra support for where it is needed. They will maintain the custom shape of a sharp suit and elegant gown and support those heavy coats and other sensitive material items like they were built for it.


    Open-Ended Pants Hangers

    Ideal for jeans, pants, and slacks, these durable and space-saving hangers create a simple and organized look while supporting your clothes and are more versatile than meets the eye. The ergonomically designed open end can securely hold skirts, towels, linens, scarves, ties, bags, and much more.



    • Constructed from sturdy and durable metal
    • Ergonomic open-ended design
    • Reinforced structure to prevent bending
    • Anti-slip rubber-coated horizontal bar
    • Rubber tipped hook to avoid snags or tears


    Organic Dryer Balls

    Let's talk about dryer balls. There are times when washing and drying our clothes is unavoidable. That doesn't mean we can't also reduce the amount of time we dry our clothes. Casafield's organic wool dryer balls reduce drying time by up to 25%! It also significantly reduces wrinkles and static, giving you the gift of soft and fluffy clothes without the horrid zap from the static.



    Handmade from 100% New Zealand wool, these dryer balls are unscented and hypoallergenic with no chemicals or dyes, perfect for sensitive skin.



    Dryer balls naturally reduce drying time, saving you money on electricity while also helping in preserving the quality and increasing the lifespan of your clothes.


    Earth Conscious

    These dryer balls are reusable for up to 1000 loads, preventing unnecessary waste from single-use dryer sheets.


    Casafield: The Brand You Need to Know

    The Casafield ethos is to make home life easy without sacrificing style. We have products for nearly every room in your house. Our products are made from quality material, making them durable and dependable while also being wallet friendly.

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