Organization & Storage

    Organizing your home may seem like a huge task, but once you’re done it’s just a matter of upkeep. With Casafield by your side, both the initial task and maintenance will be much easier and possibly even a bit enjoyable. Our products have a fantastic look, which in turn will make your home look great. Regardless what room you’re looking to streamline, we’ve got something for you. We have tub caddies for your bathroom, hangers to clean up the closet, multi-tiered organizers for your jewelry & makeup, stools to reach the top shelf in the kitchen or closet, and multi-use vacuum bags and storage cubes that can be used throughout your home. It wont take long before Casafield becomes a part of your everyday routine.

    50 Velvet 11" Baby Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 50 Velvet Flocked 11" Baby Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your baby's closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving hangers...

    50 Velvet 14" Kid's Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 50 Velvet Flocked 14" Kids Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your kid's closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim,...

    6 Pack 11" Collapsible Fabric Cubes, Storage Bins


    Product Features: Set of 6 storage cubes: Includes six collapsible fabric storage cubes Lightweight, sturdy design: Made of heavy-duty, nonwoven polypropylene fabric material reinforced with extra cardboard support. These lightweight, but sturdy cube bins provide a convenient...

    10 X-Large 42" x 30" Vacuum Space Storage Saver Bags and Travel Pump


    Product Features: Includes: 10 Extra Large 42" x 30" Vacuum Storage Bags and Travel Hand Pump Maximize your storage space: Increase your storage space by up to 80%, these space-saving...

    10 Large 36" x 24" Vacuum Space Storage Saver Bags and Travel Pump


    Product Features: Includes: 10 Large 36" x 24" Vacuum Storage Bags and Travel Hand Pump Maximize your storage space: Increase your storage space by up to 80%, these space-saving bags...

    40 Slot Acrylic Lipstick & Makeup Organizer - Cosmetic Display Case


    Product Features: 40-slot lipstick organizer: Beautifully organize your lipstick or lip gloss with this makeup organizer from Casafield. Premium quality, durable design: Crafted of premium and durable acrylic with expertly...

    20 Wooden Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 20 Wooden Suit Hangers Maximize your closet space: Completely transform your closet into an organized and beautiful space with these wooden suit hangers from Casafield. Our hangers...

    6-Pack Wide Shoulder Wooden Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 6 Wide Shoulder Wooden Suit Hangers Wide shoulder design: Transform your closet into an organized and beautiful space with these wooden suit hangers from Casafield. These...

    Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer Jewelry Box Storage Set - 7 Drawers


    Product Features: Cosmetic & jewelry organizer: Beautifully organize your lipstick, gloss, eyeshadows, blush, foundation, mascara and more with this makeup organizer from Casafield. Featuring four short drawers and three long...

    10 Wooden Hangers with Nonslip Clips by Casafield


    Product Features:Give your closet an instant makeover and organize the closet of your dreams with these space-saving wooden pants hangers from Casafield. Never again will you have to deal with...

    5-Piece Bamboo Bathroom Accessories Set


    Product Features: 5-Piece bathroom set: This bathroom accessory set includes a liquid soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, swab box, vanity tray, and wastebasket. The collection can be used together for a...

    10 Velvet Non-Slip Hangers with Adjustable Metal Clips by Casafield


    Product Features: Set includes: 10 Velvet Flocked Pant Hangers with Clips Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving,...

    3 Pack of 4-Tier Skirt/Pants Hangers with Adjustable Non-Slip Clips


    Product Features: Set includes: (3) 4-Tier Metal Hangers with Clips Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the 4-tier design of these slim, space-saving, hangers...

    9" Folding Step Stool with Handle


    Product Features: Sturdy, lightweight design: Always have a stool handy with this small but mighty folding step stool from Casafield. Crafted from heavy duty plastic and weighing just over 2...

    100 Velvet Suit Hangers


    Product Features: Set includes: 100 Velvet Flocked Suit Hangers Maximize your closet space: Unclutter your closet and add up to 50 percent more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving, suit hangers from Casafield. Lightweight, sturdy design: Durable...


    Chic Style Meets Practical Storage Solutions


    Your home is your sanctuary. It’s an expression of who you are, where friends and family come together to make a lifetime of lasting memories. But as clutter adds up and tastes gradually change, it can be hard to feel that same sense of peace and tranquility that every house, apartment and townhome should provide. Worse still; clutter can make it harder to keep things clean, costing extra hours every week just to get everything organized before chaos breaks loose again. That’s where Casafield comes in…


    Our carefully curated selection of home accents and accessories add some much-needed organization to your life, without skimping on style in the slightest. From vibrant colors to bold designs and practical durability, Casafield has exactly what you need to get organized while adding a touch of color to bring your living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office, or closet area back to life. Forget about the drab old plastic and the dull colors. Everything we offer is fashion-forward, built to last, and uses sustainable materials wherever possible.


    Stylish Hangers Your Clothes Will Love

    When it comes to finding the right clothes hanger, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. Here at Casafield, we like to keep it simple with just a handful of luxury options. The most popular are our colorful selection of velvet hangers for babies and children’s clothing. An open-ended design is perfect for your pants, while the durable wooden choice looks perfect with fine suits (even those with a wide shoulder). It’s crucial to have the right tool for the job, and it’s crucial to have the right hangers for your closet to keep your clothes (and yourself) happy.


    Step Up with a Step Stool

    Even if you’re not “vertically challenged,” a step stool can be a practical upgrade to any home kitchen, closet, attic, or any other room where things may be stored a bit out of reach. Ours is available in a variety of different colors, with a special collapsible design that’s easy to store and sturdy enough for an adult to use. It’s also a great step stool for kids who need to brush their teeth, or for when you’re trying to get at those hard-to-reach areas during a spring cleaning. Better to use a safe, dedicated solution than just grabbing a dining room chair or climbing a shelf.


    Make Organization Magic with Space Saving Bags

    You’ve probably seen this type intriguing home storage solution on television commercials. Our vacuum sealed space saving bags use a manual pump and different sizes bags that are tear-resistant and safe for clothes, blankets, soft toys, and other items. Once your items are in the bag, you use the pump or attach your vacuum to manually remove the air, and the result is an ultra-slim, easy-to-store vacuum-sealed bag. This kind of thing is a lifesaver when it comes to attics, under bed storage, or tiny homes. Additionally, these storage bags are an excellent choice for weather-proofing older or rarely worn clothes.


    Clever Storage Cubes that are Fashion Forward

    Our compact, brightly colored storage cubes are the perfect solution for adding a bit of organization to the countertops, shelves, and racks in your home. With the right furniture, they work like clever draws to conceal the clutter and everything in its right place. They’re great for closet storage and even better in children’s’ rooms when it’s time to put their toys away. With clever side handles, an 11” cube dimension, and a variety of attractive colors, these foldable cubes are a great way to clean up your home and maximize your style.


    Save Time (and Stress) with a Makeup and Jewelry Organizer

    One of the most cluttered spaces in any home can often be found on the makeup counter in your bedroom or bathroom. The more cosmetics and jewelry you’re keeping track of, and the more difficult it can be to keep things in order. With clear acrylic construction and a variety of different modular designs, our makeup and jewelry organizers are designed to help keep things sorted while still being easy to locate. The 40-slot lipstick organizer makes it easy to choose the right shade at a glance while our other sets combine smaller lipstick organizers with velvet fabric-lined drawers that can help you find the right foundation, toner, ring, set of earrings, and more all in a matter of seconds.


    Stylish and Sustainable Bamboo Options

    Casafield recognizes that sustainability is a kind of style all its own. That’s why we offer a wide range of home goods featuring gorgeous bamboo construction. Relatively carbon-neutral and easy on the environment, this bamboo is also extremely durable and perfect for any number of applications around the home. So, in addition to showcasing the beautiful glow of natural wood, they’re an extremely practical choice around the house.


    Add a Touch of Color with our Eco-Friendly Wastebasket

    Break away from years of boring baskets and be a little different. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo with a rich natural color, our wastebasket is ideal for use as a recycling bin, an office trash can, or a handy basket for cleaning supplies. The natural bamboo construction is waterproof, easy to clean, and naturally antimicrobial. It’s a touch of sustainable style that can go a long way to making your space feel complete. 


    Get Breezy Style with Bamboo Shelves

    Affordable, flexible, stylish and understated, our bamboo shelves are the perfect organization solution for practically any room. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a place to store keepsakes and display flowers in the dining room, a nightstand for your bedroom, or even a bookcase for the study. Easy to assemble and built from durable, eco-friendly bamboo, these shelves can be paired with our collapsible boxes or assembled side-by-side for maximum organization and style. Excellent for the DIY expert and perfect for the budget-minded home decorator, our shelves will keep you organized.


    Indulge with our Luxurious Bathtub Organizer

    Enjoy a glass of bubbly and some snacks while enjoying a nice, hot soak in the tub with our bathtub organizer. Built using waterproof bamboo with special non-slip silicone grips that cling to the edge of your tub, it has a special waterproof mount to hold your tablet or smartphone, along with easy storage for other luxuries like a wine glass, candle and more. Staying organized can also be an indulgence; and luxury should be an everyday habit.


    Never Settle Until You’re Satisfied with Storage

    You shouldn’t have to skimp on style to keep your home clean and serene. Each piece in the Casafield collection encourages you to express yourself and your personal taste while keeping your space neatly organized and in perfect harmony.


    A Brand You Can Trust

    Here at Casafield, we believe that your home is where the heart is. We also believe that small changes add up, and that just a little bit of style and color can bring your home back to life. We give you the tools, but the rest is up to you. Want to give the kids a more engaging (and cleaner) playroom? Want to update your dining room before having company over? The choice is yours, and it’s all within your budget. So, start getting creative and make the most out of your space with Casafield!

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