With summer coming to an end, right now is the perfect time to do a little “winter refresh” and get your home feeling organized and tidy before the holidays. Even if you’re not expecting company this year, it’s good to introduce some order to your home before things get hectic during the seasonal and new-year rush.


When it comes to home organization, a common frustration is trying to find the right storage solutions. After all, not everything can be shoved in the hallway closet in one glorious heap! What you need is a way to turn your untidy desk, counter tops, and closet into a pristine picture of neatness. With Casafield you can declutter your home the smart way with storage solutions that are as creative as they are beautiful.


Maximize Limited Vanity Space

Casafield’s line of makeup and jewelry organizers are a hands-down perfect choice for someone who has everything (except for tidiness). These organizers transform your bathroom vanity area, bedroom dresser, and home office into an orderly space where everything is easy to find. Each of these modular units offer convenient housing for all your jewelry, makeup, and accessories. With various sizes and styles available, all our makeup and jewelry organizers provide you with a compact, yet spacious storage solution that’s not common in other products on the market.

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These organizers are some of the best around. They can operate as a single unit if you have a lot of items to declutter, or you can separate them into their various parts and create a custom configuration that will perfectly meet your needs. With options that include a 40-slot lipstick & tube cosmetics display and drawers of all shapes and sizes the possibilities with these pieces are endless. Store anything from lip gloss, mascara, and eyeshadow to rings, bracelets, and watches.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that these organizers are gorgeous. Crafted from durable acrylic, these crystal-clear units are an elegant way to store all your treasured items. With chic handles, flat-cut corners, and velvet liners (in select units) you get both form and function from these pieces. Additionally, the clear acrylic design ensures that you’ll be able to find all your favorite items without any hassle. With tons of storage options to fit your specific needs, you can’t go wrong with Casafield’s cosmetic makeup and jewelry organizers.

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Easy Stow & Go

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If you’re looking for a quick solution to straighten up your house (that doesn’t look like a mess in itself), take a look at Casafield’s fabric storage cubes. These bins are ideal for quick pick up of toys, shoes, clothes, magazines, or nearly anything else you can think of. The lightweight, yet durable construction and dual handles make toting these bins around a breeze while the large variety of color options ensures they’ll fit into nearly any décor style.

The collapsible design, 11” cube size, and convenient 6-pack make these storage cubes ideal for classrooms, offices, playrooms, or even your living room. They are specifically sized to fit into most standard cubby and storage shelf systems and when not in use they fold down and are very easy to store in your closet or utility room. Clean up nearly any area with ease thanks to these storage cubes.


Store Teatime Essentials

There’s luxury and then there’s storage, right? Storage means unattractive plastic containers with cheap handles, while luxury means hand-crafted elegance that’s more style over substance. If you think there’s just no way to combine the two, then think again! Casafield’s bamboo tea box organizer is a beautifully crafted storage chest that blends multi-purpose function with a luxurious form. This box is comprised of eight equally sized compartments and features a clear acrylic hinged lid. This design allows you to keep your tea bags and other teatime essentials neatly sorted while still having them look stunning.

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Even if you’re not a big tea drinker, this bamboo box is an elegant solution for housing smaller office supplies, hardware, or crafting items. You can even use it to help organize that ever present kitchen junk drawer that is always a mess. It’s a multi-purpose solution for a variety of storage needs that also has a stunning look. What’s even better is that it’s crated from fast-growing and sustainable Moso bamboo to minimize its eco impact.

Moso bamboo is a superstar in the arena of sustainability. This type of bamboo grows rapidly and has high industrial usage, it’s found in everything from cooking utensils and clothing to housing décor and construction materials. It’s a durable material that’s easy to harvest and has less of an impact on the environment when compared to other hardwoods such as oak and teak. The smooth texture and resistance to scarring and scratching makes this material a favorite among designers.


A Name You Can Trust

As an industry leader in home goods you can’t go wrong with Casafield. With solutions for storage, cleaning up your closet, or just adding a touch of class and style, you’ll find everything you need to turn your house into a home. Once you invite Casafield into your life you’ll wonder how you ever lived without us.