For many of us, the holiday season is a time of love and laughter shared with family and friends. Whether it’s baking in the kitchen, wrapping presents for the kids, or sitting by the fire and admiring your holiday décor the holidays should bring you nothing but joy and peace. Oftentimes, the centerpiece of your family’s merriment is the Christmas tree.

However, anyone that’s had a live tree knows the frustrations it can cause. From water spilling and drying out to tons of pine needles shedding everywhere, sometimes the enjoyment of a “real” tree isn’t worth the hassle they come with.

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With all this in mind, we invite you to consider an artificial Christmas tree from Casafield. We’ve heard about other artificial Christmas trees, and how unbelievably fake they look and to that we say give our trees a try. The realistic look and feel of our artificial Christmas trees are second to none. So much so, that we’re positive your guests will have a hard time believing it isn’t real when fully assembled and decorated (if you decide to tell them at all).

Besides the looks, the next question we often here is: “Is it hard to put together?”. The answer is simple: no. Read on to see how we go from the box to a picture-perfect holiday centerpiece that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.


Let’s Get Started

Once you’re ready to setup your Casafield artificial Christmas tree the first step is to clear a spacious area to give yourself enough room to carefully remove all the pieces from the box and make sure nothing is missing, broken, or damaged. From here you’ll want to review the included product manual and familiarize yourself with the different parts of your tree and its base (which will be folded).

Unfold the base and ensure it’s in an X shape and that the pre-drilled eyeholes on the inner and outer base sections are lined up. From there screw in and secure the three included eyebolts to ensure your base is held firmly in place. Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re setting the base on a flat, level floor surface to avoid the tree being unbalanced. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the base (and ultimately your tree) is near a wall and/or electrical outlet for lighting purposes.


Putting it Together

Once you’ve decided on the perfect location you can start to assemble your tree. You’ll need to remove the protective caps from the ends of the poles to ensure the sections will fit together properly. Now you can begin putting your tree together! Start by inserting the largest piece into the base and follow suit for the other pieces, in size order, ensuring that the smallest piece is inserted last at the top.


Making the Magic Happen

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This is the fun part where your tree goes from looking fake to fabulous! (We suggest wearing the included white gloves to protect your fingers from being poked by the realistic needles and to keep your hands clean and ready for immediate decorating).

To give your tree the proper, de-boxed shape, you’ll want to start at the bottom and slowly work your way up by gently pulling each of the hinged branches downward to its natural position. From here, each branch tip will need to be individually separated and spread out from the center to ensure all the negative space is filled. When you’re finished, make sure to point the tips upward a bit to help in creating a realistic look.


Your Little Secret

Now that your tree has been shaped and fluffed its ready for decorating. Add your lights, garland, decorations, tinsel, and any other décor that’s become a family tradition; also, don’t forget to top it off a star or angel. Once your tree is in place, properly primped, and decorated, it will be hard for anyone to tell it isn’t a real live tree - all they’ll notice is the beauty, your decorating skills and how clean and pine needle free the surrounding floor is. Thanks to Casafield, your holiday season will be less about keeping your tree maintained and more about making memories with your love ones.