Even when we don't always agree with each other, there is one thing that we can all agree on - that there is nothing quite as perfect as a well-laden cheese board. And let’s face it, a good cheese board makes for a great gift, whether it’s for your closest friends’ wedding or when you want to treat yourself to something special. In fact, we’d be so bold as to say that our bamboo cheese board and knife set is ideal for making an Insta worthy charcuterie board! Whether as the centerpiece of brunch at home or merely the perfect way to enjoy a few delicious treats during your favorite movie. We love everything about it, from the real bamboo, to the clever designs, and all the added accessories. Read on to see why the Casafield cheese board will become one of your favorite finds and makes for a wonderful gift for all occasions.

The Cheese Board, With Everything You Could Dream Of
When you think cheese board, you probably think that it’s just going to be some square wooden plate no different than the cutting board you use in your kitchen, right? After all, isn’t the point of one supposed to be what goes on it and not how it looks underneath? If you’re thinking this, then you need to understand exactly why a feature laden cheese & charcuterie board is an essential component of your meal setting, from dressy dinner parties to stacking it with your favorite veggies and dip during a casual weekend.

Our bamboo cheese board offers you a comprehensive setup for enjoying more than just your slices of spicy pepper jack and savory gouda. Included with our kits is a Moso bamboo board, four highly crafted stainless-steel knives for slicing and serving, hidden slide-out trays, and a multitude of accessories that everyone is sure to love. It’s the perfect gift to give to anyone who loves the ultimate all-in-one snacking experience. Your mother-in-law’s birthday is coming up soon and she loves enjoying the finer things in life? Want to welcome the newcomer to the neighborhood with a thoughtful housewarming gift? Look no further.

Our cheese board fits right in for all occasions when you need to add a touch of classiness to a meal without sacrificing convenience. Use it for setting out those imported olives and crackers to impress your date, or prep for a relaxing night in by stacking it with your favorite finger foods. It’s the stylish casual-chic way to show off that you’ve got taste, and you can trust that anything from Casafield has been built with superior quality in mind. In fact, you’ll marvel at the unique design features that will make this cheese board set your first and only choice.


Supreme Craftmanship, With an Eye to Delight
Here at Casafield, you can trust that everything has been built with superior craftsmanship. Our cheese board set combines form and function while remaining affordably priced so you can worry less about your wallet, and spend more time picking out the tastiest items for your spread!

Want to know more!? This charcuterie board is built using eco-friendly bamboo that's both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Comfortably sized to hold your tasty treats without dominating the table, our board has an overall size of 14.25" width x 14.25" length x 1.5" thick. The center serving area is 9.5" x 9.5",  and if you choose tone of the boards with a removable slate serving tray, that measures 7.5" x 7.5". When it comes to what goes on a charcuterie board, we think you’ll agree – there’s plenty of space for serving just about anything!
Notice the deep-cut rim around the edge of many of the boards? It’s a convenient and secure way to arrange your favorite crackers, cheese bites, fruits, nuts, and other small bites in a neat and tidy manner. If you had to ask what our favorite feature would be, it’s the hidden slide-out trays. That’s right, on both ends of the cheese board are trays located on the bottom for space-saving utensil there's also room for slicing or presenting even more delicious snacks. Give your friends the satisfaction of having their own specific serving section (especially if you’re more worried about cross-contamination) while enjoying your intimate brunch together.
One of the most important aspects we focused on in the design was to ensure that its design and construction were made in an ecologically mindful and sustainable manner. With that goal in mind, we built our cheese boards to ensure they would stand the test of time, and with less stress on our global environment.

Eco-Friendly is at the Core of What We Do
When most folks ask the question 'how to create a beautiful cheese board displaythey’re probably thinking about what delicious snacks it’s suited for. We’re more interested in the environmental impact and sustainability involved. For our cheese boards, we chose to use all-natural Moso bamboo, one of the hardiest and most resilient naturally growing plants available. It’s one of the fastest-growing, most incredibly versatile plants there is, from making wearable fibers to building material for housing and construction; it's a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.[1] Bamboo blends material flexibility with long-lasting strength that looks gorgeous and comes with far less environmental impact than other hardwoods.

Our organic Moso bamboo is a premium material that is both beautiful and naturally non-porous. As a durable wood, it’s highly resistant to wear and tear as well as scarring from knife cuts (which is very important for a cheese board). You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our boards are BPA and formaldehyde-free, with no chemical coating – just a clean natural finish.

Here for the Long Run with Care
Our cheese & charcuterie boards are designed not only to be a gorgeous addition to your table but also to stay with you for the long run. The included serving knives use Moso bamboo for the handle and stainless steel for the blades so you can rely on them for years to come. Keeping our cheese boards in good shape is easy to do if you bear these tips in mind: don’t use a dishwasher or leave it to soak as it could warp the wood over time. Simply hand-wash with a light dish soap then wipe it dry. To ensure its longevity, you only need to apply a food-grade mineral oil once a month and keep it stored safely in a cool and dry environment.
As you can see, our bamboo cheese board proves how just versatile, classy, and absolutely necessary one can be when it comes to creating the perfect meal setting - whether it’s just for one or with a dozen of your closest friends. Head on over to Casafield and pick up that special something to bring a touch of warmth and a tasteful style to your home today!


[1] Use Of Bamboo - Where To Grow Bamboo Farm, Onlymoso Florida