Why Should Storage Be a Hassle?
So, you’re all set for the big family move – off to greener pastures, bigger spaces, and a whole new neighborhood for you and your family to become a welcome new addition. It took a lot of hard work, a lot of pre-planning, and more than just a little luck, but you’re finally ready.     
You’ve got all your favorite t-shirts tucked in one box, all your bedsheets and blankets folded in another, there are the kids’ stuffed animals in the double-wide bin, plus you need to get the tablecloths folded and packed, and well – okay, you’re starting to get overwhelmed. And that’s before you’ve even tried getting it all into the moving van! Alright, so maybe you’re not quite ready.

If that sounds at all familiar, don’t worry we’ve all faced the problem of not being able to store and organize our belongings conveniently and reliably. Thankfully, Casafield has you covered with the sturdiest vacuum storage bags around. Our ten-pack vacuum space storage saver bags, with travel pump, will help you make the most of your existing storage space while keeping your belongings free from moisture, dust, grime, and more. Read on, and you’ll see just how much of a difference these vacuum sealed storage bags can make.
A Superior Storage Solution, Built for the Long Haul

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We recommend this box set. In it you get ten extra-large 42” by 30” vacuum storage bags, as well as a convenient hand-powered travel pump. These bags aren’t your normal storage bags; you won’t find thin, flimsy plastic layers that tear at the first sign of pressure here. Our heavy-duty storage bags are meant to handle a heavy load. Instead of those cheap bins that take up a huge amount of space and need to be sealed with duct tape to hold an oversized load, our storage bags use a triple seal turbo valve and are capable of compressing the contents down for maximum storage potential. Ten bags mean that you’ve got lightweight and economically sized storage for practically all your bulk belongings like sheets, clothes, and stuffed toys.

Think about how often you’ve had to travel and needed to make room for all your outfits, but you didn’t want to end up dragging around four different pieces of luggage to fit everything. If you’re looking for a superior storage solution, these bags are ideal. They’re airtight and waterproof, and ideal for keeping out bugs and other nasty critters. Whether it’s to a hotel suite with the girls or a weekend camping with family, you’ll be glad you chose our vacuum seal bags to keep your fabric goods safe and sound. Our bags are built to last, so you can use them repeatedly no matter the occasion.
Make the Most Out of Limited Space
Even if you’re not on the go, our vacuum storage bags are ideal for making the most out of your available space. Chances are, you’re probably wasting valuable closet space with bulky plastic bins or relying on the scant few inches of under-bed space. Instead of tearing your hair out over inflexible storage options, using vacuum seal bags lets you free up a huge amount of storage space, up to an 80% increase, for the long term. You won’t just be saving space – you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of stress too.
Is your linen closet practically overflowing with guest towels and washcloths? Keep them odor and moisture free for when company drops by for an overnight stay. Your “good” formalwear that gets worn maybe twice a year? Better to free up that space in the closet by vacuum-sealing the garments. Want to keep the hand-knitted throw blanket your grandmother made for you in pristine condition? Even the most delicate of linens can be vacuum sealed without worry.
Even when not in use, our bags are designed to save you space. When empty, you can easily fold and store them which is way more convenient than bulky plastic buckets. Not only can vacuum seal bags be used to easily compress your belongings, but they also make for better organization of the spaces you keep them in. In the end, isn’t a tidy closet, garage, attic, or utility room worth striving for? In short, not only are our vacuum seal bags designed for heavy-duty use, but they’re also ideal for a variety of storage and organization needs - not just for moving to a new home.
On the Go or Stored for Later
Wondering if sealing vacuum storage bags is easy? The answer is a resounding: yes! Wondering how it works? Then read on! Our vacuum storage bags use a unique triple-seal turbo valve that’s designed to ensure an incredibly secure, airtight seal on all your items. The included travel hand pump, or practically any vacuum nozzle, can be used to seal the bags.
The process is straightforward: place your bag on a flat surface and insert the items to be stored (making sure not to pass the max filling point). When ready, attach the sealing clip to one end of the red zipper track, then slide the clip across the length of the track until it's completely sealed. From there, it’s as simple as twisting off the red cap on the side of the bag and attaching a vacuum hose or the included travel pump to the rubber valve. Once it’s been attached, just use your vacuum or travel pump to seal it by sucking out the excess air. The process of compression is quick, and you’ll soon have your things ready for storage. It’s easy as can be, and even more so when comes to unloading sealed goods.
It’s important to note that when using vacuum storage bags, you shouldn’t store certain items, like those made from fur or leather which needs to “breathe”. Additionally, you shouldn’t use these vacuum bags for sharp objects that are likely to pierce them. You’ll also want to ensure that anything you’re putting into vacuum-sealed storage is fully dried beforehand. Be sure to keep any items stored in a cool, dry place, and avoid prolonged exposure to heat. When used properly these vacuum seal bags will be the space-saving solution you won’t want to be without.
Easy to Unload
Once you’re ready to unpack your goods from the storage bags, the process gets easier than sealing them was. There’s only one step involved: simply open the red zipper track. You’ll immediately see your belongings expand right before your eyes.
No Matter your Storage Needs, Casafield is Ready to Help
Look no further than Casafield for your storage and organization needs. We’re an industry leader when it comes to providing affordable, premium-quality storage solutions. We are a name trusted by customers everywhere. No matter your budget or need for durable, dependable storage options, Casafield has you covered. Head on over to Casafield.com and pick up our variety of heavy-duty vacuum storage bags to make the most of your storage space today!